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Thank you and farewell, CAT Team 36-05 & Welcome, CAT Team 133-30!

On Friday, January 14, 2022 the PCOC President and Vice President of the Board of Directors attended the turnover ceremony for the Civic Action Team Palau.

Navy CAT Team 133-30 relieved the Airforce team 36-05 and began their deployment in the Republic of Palau.

The Palau Chamber of Commerce would like to thank CAT Team 36-05 for their time here and their contribution to the Palau's community.

A special thank you goes to Sergeant Richard Harris and his team for the renovation of the PCOC office, located at the Palau Tourism & Hospitality School of excellence on the PCC Campus.

During the ceremony, 2021 PCOC President Irene Olkeriil and 2022 President Samuel Scott presented a Certificate of Appreciation to the CAT Team for their hard work and efforts in

the past six months of their deployment.

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