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Proposed Labor Rules & Regulations 2023

The Ministry of Human Resources, Culture, Tourism, & Development (MHRCTD) is proposing new regulations for the Division of Labor (Employment Services). The proposed amendments to the rules and regulations provide for the following:

  1. General authority, purpose, prohibitions, and definitions.

  2. Announcement requirements and expediting the issuance of non-resident working permits.

  3. Obligation and rights of employers, emphasizing the repatriation of non-resident worker(s).

  4. Fees association to hiring of the non-resident worker(s).

Palau Chamber of Commerce is sharing this information and encouraging public and especially employers and businesses in the private sector  to review these proposed amendments and provide comments before Friday, January 27, 2023. This deadline is critical as it allows PCOC to consolidate comments for an official transmission on behalf of the private sector by the Ministry's deadline on the following week, 02/01/2023.

How to submit comments:

  • send via email to

  • PCOC members are advised to access the shared document (Google Docs) to comment directly to the proposed regulations.

  • send directly to Division of Labor via

  • submit written comments, such as a letter, to the Division of Labor Office located in the Temporary-One-Stop-Shop in Ngesekes, Ngerbeched.

An electronic copy of these proposed regulations may be downloaded by clicking the button below.

Anti-Corruption Toolkit 

Funded by the UNDP, the anti-corruption toolkit was targeted towards women with businesses in the Republic of Palau. The workshop was conducted by Ltelatk Fritz in April 2021. You can watch a recording of the workshop and download the toolkit below. 

Women Doing Business in Palau

Women Doing Business in Palau

Play Video

Outcome Statement 

The Young Entrepreneurs of Palau came together on May 04, 2021, at the Palau Community College Assembly Hall for a one-day workshop. At this workshop, we committed to conducting our business with integrity and collectively choose to reject corruption in favor of responsible best practices in business.

Tax Reform Presentation

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