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Announcing the 2024 PCOC Board of Directors

Each year, the Palau Chamber of Commerce holds its elections to fill the vacancies for its outgoing board members. To ensure continuiity, the board positions are two-year terms in which one can serve continuously for three terms or a total of six years. This year, exiting board members include Ltelatk H. Fritz (WillBSoil Business Services), Samuel D. Scott (Sam's Tours Palau), Kaipo Recheungel (Road Runner Palau), Ilebrang Olkeriil (Yokohama Restaurant).

Staying on for another year are:

  • Vivien Ngirarsaol-Protine (VIP Companies),

  • Russell Cabral (WCTC),

  • Thomas Brock Welge (Pacific Missionary Aviation), and

  • Bochner Liu also known as Pai Lee (Palau Hotel). 

  • James Da-Chuan Ku (PIE Printing) was re-elected for another two years.

They will be joined by the new board members

  • Brandon Cruz (Bank of Guam),

  • Elilai Yano (Belau Medical Clinic & Long Beach Choll),

  • Isabella Shimizu (Shimbros International), and

  • Ke'oni Blesam (Oni's Boat Rental).

For more information about Chamber membership, training, or activities, call 775-3400 or email

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