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PCOC COVID-19 preventive measures

The Palau Chamber of Commerce would like to inform the public that our office is

practicing “Safe for You” measures. Our new office location is at the Palau Tourism and Hospitality School of Excellence, on Palau Community College Campus, located behind the Cafeteria Building.

For this reason, we kindly ask that anyone planning a visit to the office give a call to our staff at 488-3400 or 775-3400 ahead of time.

We also will be asking everyone to wear a mask, sign in and have body temperature be measured. Hand sanitizers will be available as well.

The PCOC would like to thank all the businesses that are applying the preventive measures as learned in the Pandemic Safety Certification Program.

It is crucial that all of our community sectors work together to protect one another and especially the most vulnerable individuals in Palau. We encourage everybody to be mindful and take all the preventive measures to stay healthy and safe.

Please refer to the Ministry of Health and Human Services for the daily updates and reliable information. Thank you to the MHHS for the continued partnership with the PCOC in disseminating factual information to the business community and the private sectors of Palau.

All companies in Palau are encouraged to become Members of PCOC, so they will be included on all immediate releases containing the latest knowledge and information that affect businesses in Palau.

We also look forward to seeing you all at the PCOC General Membership Meeting on Tuesday, February 8, 2022, which will be held virtually! More information and details will be published soon through our website, on our social media (Facebook) and emails.

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