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Palau - Taiwan Sunset Mixer

Palau Chamber of Commerce held its first business networking mixer of 2021 last Friday, March 19, 2021, at the Elilai Seaside Dining in Koror.

It was a beautiful sunset time and 92 business representatives joined the event, including members from Palau Chamber of Commerce and Boat Owners Association for Tourism (BOAT), representatives from Palau Visitors Authority, and officials from the Taiwan Embassy, US Embassy and Australia Embassy and Koror State Government.

The Palau Chamber of Commerce would like to thank the generous sponsors of the event: Elilai Seaside Dining, IP & E, Moylan’s Insurance, NECO Plaza Corporation, Red Rooster Brewing Company, Palau Organic Farm and Palau Trading.

With the opening of the “sealed” Sterile Corridor between Palau and Taiwan quickly approaching, as announced for April 1, 2021, the Board of Directors of Palau Chamber of Commerce encourages all tourism-related businesses that have attended the pandemic

Safety Certification workshop and training to get certified in a timely manner for a safe reopening of the Republic of Palau. As of today, 64 businesses have been certified by the

ROP Bureau of Tourism. We thank the Bureau of Tourism also for their diligent efforts.

The President of Palau Chamber of Commerce, Ms. Irene Olkeriil, hopes for the organization’s membership to increase, and she especially encourages all locally-owned

businesses in Palau to join the organization as the Board continues to advocate for the

business community and private sectors of the Republic of Palau to aim for economic recovery that is safe and healthy for all.

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