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Palau Chamber of Commerce elects new Board for 2022

Updated: Jan 17, 2022

On November 9, 2021, the General Membership of the Palau Chamber of Commerce voted to reduce the number of their Members on the Board of Directors from 11 to 9 due to the limited number of elected Board Members for Year 2022.

On Tuesday, December 7, 2021, a joint Board Meeting of the current and the new

Members of the Palau Chamber of Commerce was held to discuss transition matters; then the nine (9) new Board members voted for the new Officers for the 2022 Board of Directors.

The 2022 Board of Directors is composed by these Members: (1) Samuel Scott of Sam’s Tours Palau, President, (2) Irene Olkeriil of EmeralDreams Services, Vice President; (3) Ltelatk H. Fritz of WillBSoil Business Services, Treasurer; (4) Bouveau K. Anastacio of Palau National Communications Corporation, Secretary, (5) Francisco M. Ueki, Jr., of UBDI Belau Tours, (6) Kaipo Recheungel of Road Runner Palau, (7) Ilebrang U. Olkeriil of Yokohama Restaurant, (8 Peter Bonini of Palau Pacific Resort, and (9) Pai Lee of Palau Hotel (downtown Koror).

In the year 2021, this nonprofit Employer and Business Membership Organization (EBMO) was led by Irene Olkeriil as its President and her motto was to revive the Organization to its original purpose and intent when the Chamber of Commerce of the Republic of Palau, Inc., dba Palau Chamber of Commerce was founded in April 1992 by former President Johnson Toribiong, together with seventeen (17) initial founding members [fifteen (15) Palauan Citizens and two (2) U.S. Citizens] and two (2) additional Directors, a Palauan and U.S. Citizen.

President Irene Olkeriil reminded all Members of the Palau Chamber of Commerce that the purpose of the Organization, based on the Organization’s Corporate Charter, Articles of Incorporation and Bylaws, is to promote and advocate for businesses within the Republic of Palau, and the objectives of the Palau Chamber of Commerce are: (1) to create jobs; and (2) to grow the economy.

With the purpose, intent, objectives of the Palau Chamber of Commerce made clear in the minds of its members, the goal of the Board of Directors under President Irene Olkeriil’s leadership was to build relationships and boldly face the socio-economic impacts and challenges of the COVID-19 pandemic by forming private-public partnerships (PPPs) and actively encourage micro, small, medium enterprises (MSMEs) to support all “Made in Palau Products and Services” small businesses, especially during lockdown and preparing for the comeback of the tourism industry.

At the same time, the Palau Chamber of Commerce chose to be very active in its work to fight against corruption by conducting workshops and trainings, carrying out the granted four (4) main activities in collaboration with UNDP and UNODC as part of the UN-PRAC Project. The workshop activities focused on anti-corruption, business integrity, code of conduct and basically promoting best business practices. Because Irene Olkeriil was already a weekly co-host of a very popular “LIVE” radio and television talk show program known as “Udesuall” before she became President of the Palau Chamber of Commerce, the organization was given opportunities to promote the concept of “work ethic” in Palau while building on transparency, codes of conduct and anti-corruption practices.

The Palau Chamber of Commerce ended the year with significant and remarkable outcomes from its work after being hired by the International Labour Organization/Office as the Business Development Services Provider in Palau to assist with the ILO-funded Informal Economies Recovery Project. The purpose of this Project was to assist local Palauan creative-preneurs to recover from the impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic and help the country with its economic recovery.

Now that the good and solid foundation is established for the coming year 2022, the Board of Directors under the leadership of President Samuel Scott next year, hopes to continue a strong and active Organization that will promote and advocate for the Private Sector of our beloved Republic of Palau. The new PCOC Board hopes to continue improving the situation of Palau’s private sector through advocating for business-friendly legislation, collaborating in a positive way with the Government of Palau and the Embassies established in the Republic, as well as continue to provide workshops and trainings to further build a strong network for all business owners and employees. The Palau Chamber of Commerce welcomes the new Board of Directors 2022, hoping for the Members to work together and support the Organization for this coming year.

Happy Holidays and Prosperous New Year to all!

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