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New Laws and Regulations Impacting Businesses (and Travelers) in Palau

ROP President Whipss, representatives of Olbiil Era Kelulau, representatives from Ministry of Health & Human Services at the ceremony held at Civic Center for the signing of the bill into law.
Photo Credit: Office of the President, Republic of Palau Facebook

President Whipps signed RPPL 11-27 which amends the Palau National Code to prohibit the importation, distribution, selling, possession, and use of electronic cigarettes within the Republic of Palau.

The “Anti-vaping Bill” as more commonly known will expand The Tobacco Control Act, to include electronic cigarettes and prohibits the advertisement and promotion of electronic cigarettes and bans the display or visibility of electronic cigarette products at points of sale.

The law allows sixty (60) days for businesses and individuals to take measures to reach compliance of this new law.

At the April 2023 Palau Chamber of Commerce General Membership meeting, businesses were advised of this new law and the dates that the penalties become effective. This will allow business members in the tourism industry some time to advise their guests flying into Palau to be aware and prepared for this new law. Some members expressed concerns for some of their guest being impacted after investing money into or transitioning into electronic cigarettes.

The Palau Chamber of Commerce wishes to advice all businesses to comply with RPPL 11-27, and all other laws in the Republic of Palau. A copy of RPPL 11-27 is available for download at the end of this message.

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RPPL 11-27 for web
Download PDF • 521KB

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