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March 2022 General Membership Meeting

On Tuesday, March 8, 2022 the Palau Chamber of Commerce held a productive monthly General Membership Meeting on Zoom meetings.

This is due to the current COVID-19 spread in Palau, so all meetings will be held virtually until further notice, to comply with the safety measures by the Ministry of Health and Human Services.

President Samuel Scott thanked all women present for their contributions and efforts on International Women’s Day.

The PCOC welcomed the Ministry of Finance Tax Reform Committee as special guest speakers for the month of March. Chairman of the Committee Elway Ikeda introduced himself and his team, and gave a brief overview of the current status of the Tax reform implementation and regulations.

The draft regulations will be shared with the private sector for comments after the Attorney General will have completed her review.

In the meantime, the Tax Reform Committee has prepared a survey for the businesses to fill in, which will give the Committee a baseline on “how to better approach and effectively engage with the business community”. The survey can be found at

Moreover, the Committee, in collaboration with the Palau Chamber of Commerce, is organizing a webinar, tentatively scheduled for the end of March 2022, to give the businesses and the community at large a whole overview of the tax reform, its requirements and deadlines, which will help solve many pending questions that the private sector currently has.

On another note, after the Guest Speakers’ presentation, Ms. Yoko Morisaki shared updates from the Seatbelt Safe Committee, where she represents the Palau Chamber of Commerce.

On behalf of the Palau Chamber of Commerce membership, President Samuel Scott and Vice President Irene Olkeriil thanked all the guest speakers and the PCOC representatives on the Seatbelt Safe Committee, Ms. Yoko Morisaki (IMPAC Tours/Tori Tori Restaurant) and Mr. Reynald Agustin (Moylan’s Insurance).

The next PCOC General Membership Meeting’s schedule will be announced in the next weeks.

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