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2nd Bio-Diversity Friendly Local Product Showcase.

The second annual Biodiversity Friendly Local Product Showcase was successfully completed on Sunday, December 4, 2022. Palau Chamber of Commerce thanks Belau National Museum and the Ministry of Agriculture, Fisheries, & Environment, especially the Anu Bintorio and GEF6 for allowing PCOC to partner in this project.

Many of this year's #LocalProducers have demonstrated growth as entrepreneurs since the first showcase. From product development, packaging, marketing & promotion, and confidence. PCOC strongly believes that these local shows are great opportunities for these artists, artisans, and producers to do market testing and practice their selling skills. The compliments that resonated throughout the Ngara Chamayong Cultural Center reassures the artists of the successful expression of their vision and mastery. While the invaluable feedback from the many buyers and "window-shoppers" contribute to the development and innovation of future products.

The results, a total of 27 vendors producing local artwork, handicrafts, designs, jewelry, health & beauty products, food, and many other local products participated in this event. The total sales generated from this afternoon event was around $6,000. This year's event generated more than just sales. #LocalProducers increased the awareness for their crafts and skills. Buyers, local and regional, are showing more interest in #LocalProducers and locally made products.

Thank you to all the #LocalProducers that participated in this event. Be on the lookout for similar events throughout the year and the next Biodiversity Friendly Local Product Showcase.

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