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Seeking Locally Available Expertise – Trainers, Business Advisors and Mentors

The Palau Chamber of Commerce is a non-profit organization that advocates for and promotes the entire Private Sector of the Republic of Palau, from grassroots micro, small and medium businesses all the way to the few big companies operating in the country.

The main goals of the Palau Chamber of Commerce as stated by the Organization’s President Irene Olkeriil are: (1) to create jobs, and (2) to grow the economy of Palau.

PCOC Board of Directors and Membership strive to provide business-related information and expertise to the Belau community; such knowledge is shared through organized trainings and workshops.

Palau Chamber of Commerce is currently working as the Business Development Services Provider (BDSP) in collaboration with the Palau consultants for International Labour Organization (ILO) and UNESCO on a very special and specific Project.

PCOC is working closely with the two (2) local consultants hired by ILO, Ms. Carol Ngiraidis and Ms. Ltelatk Fritz.

PCOC’s role in this Project is to deliver a series of business-related workshops for the beneficiaries of the Project, who are all uniquely talented Citizens of the Republic of Palau. The training opportunities will be provided specifically for the Cultural and Creative Industry in the areas of Weaving, Pottery, Arts, Fashion and Music, promoting “klechibelau” and “klebelau”.

For this reason, the Palau Chamber of Commerce is looking for locally-based individuals that possess expertise in one or more business-related fields, who would be interested in providing the necessary training to a group of artists, musicians and potential local entrepreneurs in Palau. Trainings and workshops will be provided at venues and scheduled times that PCOC works to organize with its educational partners in Palau with the goal to help improve, update and maximize the individual and collective skills and knowledge of the artists and musicians in the business-related fields that entrepreneurs

need to form their small businesses in the Republic of Palau. While preparing to jumpstart our economic recovery amid the challenges of the COVID pandemic, the Palau Chamber of Commerce now seeks locally available expertise and will compensate qualified individuals to assist with the very much needed business trainings and workshops that are being planned to happen in the next couple of months.

If teaching a workshop is not your expertise but you are still interested in participating in this special Project for Palau, PCOC is also looking for business advisors and mentors to share their individual expertise and success stories in a more informal environment, possibly with smaller groups of students, to inspire and help our local entrepreneurs-to-be to start successfully.

If you are interested in partnering with us, please submit your resume and accreditation to PCOC at

Every submission will be assessed and if your accreditations meet the requirements, our Administrative Assistant, Ms. Jada Avesani, will contact you and schedule a meeting with the ILO local consultants and the other trainers/mentors for this special Cultural and Creative Industry Project.

Palau Chamber of Commerce looks forward to receiving your submissions at the earliest. Should you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact our PCOC Office at (680) 488-3400.

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