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Planned Internet Outage

Koror, Palau (July 17,2023)-- For the first time in decades, citizens and residents in Palau will experience an unprecedented internet outage for an extended period of time. Starting on 7:00 am Tuesday, July 18 until 5:00 pm Saturday, Palau will operate less than 1% internet connection.

What this means:

  • Residents will not be able to connect to the Internet during this time;

  • Travelers will be required to manually fill out customs and arrival forms upon arrival at the Palau International Airport;

  • Financial transactions may be limited during this time;

The Palau Chamber of Commerce asks the businesses for their support and cooperation during this time.

For more information, contact Palau Chamber of Commerce at (680) 488-3400 or by fax to (680) 488-3401. Thank you very for supporting your Palau Chamber of Commerce.

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