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January 2023 Newsletter

Palau Chamber of Commerce Issue 1

First General Membership Meeting for 2023

On Tuesday, January 10, 2023, the Palau Chamber of Commerce conducted its first General Membership Meeting in Ming's Hall at the Palasia Hotel. President Fritz welcomed all participants and introduced the 2023 Board members.

It wasn't a surprise that the newly implemented PGST and proposed new Labor Rules & Regulations were topics of great discussion. There was a virtual presentation by T-Plan consultants that talked about Electric Vehicles (EV) and Solar Power Units.

The next General Membership meeting will be held on the second Tuesday for February, on the 14th. The venue is yet to be confirmed.

To learn more about PCOC membership and/or RSVP to the next General Membership meeting contact 488-3400 or email


Special Event with Ambassador Turner of the Australian Embassy in Palau

Friday, January 13, 2023, the Palau Chamber of Commerce held a special event with Australian Ambassador Richelle Turner, to discuss the new flight services between Brisbane, Australia and the Republic of Palau.

During this special event, Palau Chamber of Commerce members learned about the anticipated once weekly flight schedules, opportunities for trade, and the need to showcase Palau and its offerings to the new market, Australia.

Palau Chamber of Commerce is interested in helping micro- and small businesses in transportation, lodging, and recreation to develop activities and/or packages for the Australian market.

Please contact Palau Chamber of Commerce for more information at 488-3400 or email

More activities

PCOC President Fritz met with Consultants Kenji Kusama and Reiko Takada both from the Japan Development Institute, Ltd. to discuss business opportunities with Solar Power Systems and Elective Vehicles (EV) for Palau's tourism, transportation, and energy sectors.

PCOC President Fritz was joined by Board Member Ilebrang Olkeriil at the Palau Gender Country Plan at Desomel Restaurant in Palasia Hotel. The workshop was part of the Pacific Women Lead project funded by the Australian Government's Department of Foreign Affairs & Trade.

As part of its vision and strategy for 2023, the Palau Chamber of Commerce has commenced its workshops and meetings with business sectors in smaller groups. President Fritz was joined by board members Pai Lee and Vivien Ngirarsaol-Protine in the first workshop with creative artists. These workshops are aimed to push awareness about business integrity & compliance, anti-corruption, and opportunities for sharing best practices.

To learn more about upcoming PCOC activities and training, contact 488-3400 or email

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